What Is Escalation



  • Escalate: To increase in intensity, magnitude, etc.
  • Throwing your heavy sexual interest at a woman will both scare her away and turn her off.
  • Seduction is about patience, anticipation, teasing and slowly finding her arousal threshold.
  • The seduction of your woman flows through small predictable steps… each step being slightly more intimate than the last.
  • Important: If she blocks any of the steps, just relax and take two steps back. Once you are both comfortable, begin escalating again.
  • Try not to skip steps, but it is normal to move through them quickly when she is not giving you any resistance.
  • Typically don’t expect her to escalate. This is all on us guys. And that helps us remain the leaders.
  • When she is attracted to you, she is EXPECTING you to escalate, but won’t tell you that.
  • Deep down, all women want to be seduced and admired and desired... ESPECIALLY by the men they date.
  • We may fear her rejection or resistance, which prevents us from escalating. This is a common mistake. Her resistance is necessary for healthy escalation. Expect it and accept it and enjoy it.
  • It is not domineering to escalate, it is dominant.
  • Sexual desire is healthy. Embrace yours and hers.