Understanding Her Resistance



  • Always practice empathy.
  • Empathy will help resolve inner conflicts like “taking things personally” because we’ll see her point of view instead of only our own.
  • Empathy helps us recognize the danger women constantly face in their lives, and why they need such harsh defense mechanisms against men.
  • It is our job to recognize her fears and accept her resistance as necessary.
  • Women also face many social judgments around dating and sex, and we would be wise to respect that.
  • Never judge her and never let her see you judge other women.
  • When we first approach attractive women, we guys need to expect and accept that:
    • She is going to be instantly suspicious of us.
    • She is not going to instantly want to engage us… because we’re strangers.
    • She will give us brief responses.
    • She will use her friends to block you or avoid you.
    • She will see you the instant you enter a room, and she’ll gauge your personality and value based on what she sees you doing, how you’re acting, who you’re interacting with.
    • She will resist every step of your seduction, from getting her name and her number, to getting her into your bed.
  • Your success all comes down to this: it is not what she says or does, it is how you react to what she says or does.
  • Never act rejected or hurt or upset by her resistance. It is your job to take those risks and to accept her friction. It is not bad. It is cute.
  • Seduction takes finesse, patience, and understanding.