Attraction Is About Motion



  • Motion creates emotion.
  • So if you want a woman to FEEL attraction, you have to MOVE her to do so. Being nice and predictable is boring and doesn’t inspire movement.
  • To create chemistry with a woman, you need to MOVE her to REACT in an EMOTIONAL WAY.
  • Women don’t avoid tension… rather they avoid guys who are awkward or creepy. And when we act nervous, it can come across as awkward AND creepy.
  • Your instinct is to AVOID or RELEASE tension. But, as a man, you need to accept it and embrace it.
  • You need to retrain yourself to interpret that tension as exciting and fun.
  • Your success with women comes from how you manage yourself — your feelings, your thoughts, and your actions/behaviors.
  • What you THINK dictates how you FEEL… how you FEEL influences how you BEHAVE… how you behave influences how she feels… and how she feels… is EVERYTHING.