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How To Get The Girl - An Online Course

Getting the girl isn’t just a Hollywood fantasy; attracting beautiful women isn’t the sole domain of the super rich, the super hunk, or the outrageously gifted.

Obviously attracting that special woman doesn't come naturally to all of us, or even most of us, but it IS something that can be learned... and now I get it!

Now I have this part of my life handled.

Today I can go to any bar, or lounge, or even go shopping at the mall and I know exactly what to do and say in order to get a girls number, build her attraction for me, and end up having as many dates as I can handle.

And it's not because I'm some hot gifted rich guy... because I'm barely average to look at, I'm not famous or rich. Instead I've spent many hard years making mistakes with women, embarrassing myself, tripping over my need to make girls like me. I made all of the typical mistakes we guys can make. And even though all I ever really wanted was to make some girl happy, I was constantly being rejected and ignored.

Why did I fail so badly all the time?

Because I had the wrong beliefs about myself, about women, and about sex. Which lead me to feeling the wrong way, saying the wrong things, and scaring away the right girls.

Luckily I'm persistent, and optimistic, which worked in my favour because now I totally get it!

And if you let me I will teach you exactly what to think, say and do to GET THE GIRL!

The difference with me was that I was willing to go through those experiences in order to LEARN the skills I didn't have. The social skills, the attraction skills, the rapport skills and eventually the seduction skills.... the skills I always wanted but didn't understand.

The error we guys make is that we're often too logical. We see the world through our own lenses and we miss a lot of the emotional triggers that fuel the decisions women make. I'll teach you these triggers so that you can turn on the women you most want to date.

You see... once you learn what's REALLY going on you'll experience something kinda magical when you're flirting with a woman ... it's like seeing the matrix... it's like being at a party where everyone is having fun but you're the sober guy who can see past the obvious behaviors and goofy banter and who can enjoy himself on another level.

Here's a SECRET...

Being good with women is just a social skill. It's a skill that can be learned as easily as learning a new language, or learning to drive a buss. It'll feel awkward and strange at first, but then it'll make sense and become natural. That's when my dating life really turned around... when I was willing to try new things, and think new things.

Any guy can learn this stuff. Any guy can learn how to attract and date amazing women.

It's your choice.

That's why I put together this course. Not only do I love the idea of helping other men, but I love the idea of learning more from my students. Your success stories will help me learn, and will help other student learn... which is why I try to encourage my students to participate and ask as many questions as possible!

And so I've made this course as simple as I know how.

This VIDEO TRAINING outlines the FOUR FOUNDATIONS of successful dating for men:

  1. Attraction
  2. Leading
  3. Rapport
  4. Escalation

Scroll down this page to see the curriculum, and free previews.

I’ll introduce you to the kind of POWERFUL mindsets that will make you naturally more attractive to women. I’ve also outlined the basics of how to “Get the Girl” so that all of those little things you never knew how to do will become ingrained and automatic.


  • How to avoid the “Friend Zone” simply by building attraction FIRST, instead of RAPPORT first, like every other guy.
  • What NATURAL attraction is and how to push her buttons in order to MAKE HER CHASE YOU.
  • Why a woman resists a guy even when she’s really into him, and how to use her resistance as an advantage to your dating success.
  • Learn why her “resistance” isn’t her “rejection.”
  • How the FEAR of approaching a woman can be used to actually make her MORE attracted to you.
  • 5 ways that RAPPORT helps your dating success, and how to naturally build it.
  • 8 quick tips for telling a powerful story, which can create a great connection with a woman.
  • Simple ways to remove a woman’s fears and resistance to your escalation.
  • 6 steps to help prevent yourself from being jealous.
  • 14 non-verbal ways she might indicator her interest in you, as well as 19 others you shouldn’t miss.
  • 11 behaviors you MUST stop doing that makes women want to avoid you.
  • How to tell when she’s ready to be seduced, and what most men do wrong when they first try to escalate the physical relationship with her.
  • 5 things you should NEVER do when in bed with a woman!
  • All of the exact escalation steps you should follow to lead her into the type of relationship YOU want.

This course will do the following:

  • Help the average insecure shy guy by giving him the core skills to turn himself into an attractive self-assured congruent man of action, charm, masculine authority and purpose.
  • Clarify the damaging domestication we men have been given with the hopes of rediscovering our inner power of self assurance, validation, and approval.
  • Help us deconstruct the seemingly bizarre behavior of women, with the goal of removing our frustrations with them, and replacing this confusion with a full appreciation and understanding of their motivations, genetic drives, and personal desires.
  • Help us unite men together to help stop the spread of the boy-masculine disease that's infecting many of todays male populations, causing women to be left unsatisfied, and men feeling confused and helpless.
  • Promote the overall emotional growth and maturity of men.

When you understand these FOUNDATIONS (Attraction, Leading, Rapport, Escalation) you'll be able to see social interactions in an entirely new way! You'll see things that were once invisible to you... the invisible aspects of social dynamics will becomes clear.

With these powerful dating mindsets you'll feel totally empowered and prepared to approach and attract any woman you desire, while the rest of the socially-handicapped dudes clumsily flailing about, scaring women directly into your arms.

You will eventually see that it's the angry, bitter, and confused men of the world who gift-wrap their women FOR US GUYS WHO GET IT.


I will add two things...

First, when you purchase this course you will have LIFE-TIME access to it and all of it's future upgrades. I am constantly getting feedback from students and it's my goal to make this course as amazing as possible! So I'll never raise the price but I'll constantly be trying to increase it's value to you.

Second, if you're not getting the dating results you expect by following my suggestions and directions then simply ask for a full refund! I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

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Your Instructor

Robert Belland
Robert Belland

Robert Belland is the author of the wildly popular Dating Advice book IGNORE & SCORE, and he is an Entrepreneur who currently resides in Alberta, Canada.

Robert spends his time managing his NewMedia company BOBAIR MEDIA Inc. while also helping his fellow man with the mysteries and frustrations of women and dating.

He was encouraged to write his first book IGNORE and SCORE from the many readers of his weekly Dating Advice blog:

Finally he has produced and released this Video Course as a way of continuing to help the thousands and thousands of men who have continued to ask for his advice with women and dating.

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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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